Oh Great...

so I've got to write something to catch the user's eye and bring in tons of business... well that'll be easy! I mean, this is only the internet, it's not like there are many web designers out there!

Let's be honest, this site is probably going to be seen by about 5 people and most of those will be my friends.

Well, I'm a freelance designer who mainly works with the web and particularly, but by no means exclusively, with Drupal (a powerful Content Management System).

That said, I'm a bit of a Jack or all trades (although my name's Ben), I do print design, video and audio editing, photography amongst all the web work.

Two:42 is the name of the youth group at my church.

I designed a new logo using the existing corporate colours. The idea is the turning of pages in a book with the hint of forming a globe.

In order to represent Jesus the King, it doesn't take much imagination to come up with a crown.

The logo needed to be both contemporary and traditional, in order to accomodate the wide range of people who attend. Using contemporary clean lines and a fresh colour, I also incorporated the more traditional cross from the top of the roof of the building.

I originally produced a new logo when I took the job in 2009. In 2015 all the BeaconLight sites went through a redesign and the logos with them.

The logo went through a number of options and iterations but the super simplifed outline of Britain was chosen for its clarity. A decision was taken to leave out northern ireland from the 'map' in order to keep the clean look.

The logo takes Penny's initials and makes them into a fluid design which has faint echos of the yin and yang symbol.

The logo design started mimicking the design of the main window of the church which also gave it the look of two opening doors. However, the building inside has distinctive supporting beams so I adapted the logo to reflect their design.

Each of the two churches in the parish has a distinctive clock, so I took and colour and shape of them and incorporated them into a single simple design.

While the website and logo has since been changed by another agency, I'm still very fond of the logo I designed, with the exclamation mark 'seed' planted in the ground and the rest of it growing out of the frame.

The City logo has gone through a number of changes over the years but the core 4 circle design has stayed the same since launch.


Christ Church Crouch End

Christ Church Crouch End is my church and shortly after joining I redesigned and rebuild their website.



CrossCheck is an easy way to explore how anyone can find real friendship with God in 6 helpful steps


Word At Work

The unique consecutive expository devotional for busy people - delivered to your devices each day of the working week.


St Stephen's Prenton

The website uses Drupal for the Content Management System, allowing the church to update the site themselves with minimum fuss. Because Drupal does not dictate the UI (unlike, say, Wordpress), updating the site is very easy with a very simple interface.


BeaconLight Trust

The three BeaconLight sites went through a complete redesign and rebuild in 2015.


City Church

The website was created using Drupal and has a large, searchable audio database of sermons and is fully responsive. Utilising Drupal means the church is able to update the site themselves. Upcoming sermons are shown on the homepage and diary and automatically appear in the audio section when a recording is added.

Print work for AID

Anglican International Development

AID needed to produce a leaflet that explains what their organisation does.

Various print work for Titus Trust

Titus Trust

The Titus Trust produces various reports each year examining the state of their holidays.

Various CIP flyers

Christians in Property

CIP put on a few events each year and I've been designing their flyers for some years now.